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Strategic Due Diligence

Strategic due diligence differs from financial due diligence and tax due diligence, two common forms often utilized in the sale or purchase of assets. Strategic due diligence is used for fast analysis of the attractiveness of the acquired assets according to three main criteria:

After defining market attractiveness, our consultants break down the fundamental drivers of growth, as well as the opinions of competitor and customers, which are all closely studied as components of due diligence.

In analyzing competitive position, our consultants conduct detailed studies of key clients, suppliers, business processes, and systems of the target company, evaluate risks and opportunities for growth, and analyze possible synergies stemming from business integration.

In conducting due diligence our consultants conduct interviews with management of the target company and are prepared to evaluate the personal and professional qualities of any and all managers that may affect the success of the transaction.

One in every three retained workers could be seen as either a source of risk, or as a source of added value for the target company.