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About us

Leading Russian companies undertake many projects, both in terms of capital expenditures and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) that require timely analysis of the highest quality. However, employing top investment banks, law firms, and Big Four consulting teams over the long term can lead to soaring transactional costs. If this is the case, additional coordinating efforts are required even in the largest of the Big Four. Furthermore, consultants don’t often study the corporate culture of their clients.

CK Capital was founded in 2010 to address these and other problems for a major Russian oil and gas company that found itself juggling a large number of transactions related to the purchase and sale of assets, both in Russia and abroad. Created as an internal consultant, CK Capital from the beginning has offered one-stop shopping for work with external consultants, and even replaced them at some stages of the M&A process. The result was a 30-40% decrease in transactional costs for our client, as well as allowing the client to focus internal resources on the company’s most pressing strategic issues. In this way CK Capital set as its hallmarks: 1) to always study and strive to understand the corporate culture of the client, and 2) to place the greatest emphasis on superior client services.

At present, CK Capital is working with its core client on an ongoing basis while exploring new ways to expand our client base using the core competencies we have developed as an internal consultant. Additionally, we are developing new lines of business in attracting capital, corporate restructurization, and private equity.